Pig Roaster and Chicken Cooker Rentals

Barbecue Equipment Rentals Near Lexington, Kentucky

Do you need a cooker for an occasional pig roast or barbecue chicken fundraiser? Would you like to try a pig roaster or chicken cooker before committing to buy one?

Here at Red Silo BBQ we have a few of our most popular cookers like Meadow Creek Pig Roasters and Chicken Cookers available for rent at a fraction of the full purchase price. We offer rentals by the day to fit your schedule. Call our Nicholasville barbecue store at (859) 885-0708 to check availability.

Smokers and Grills Available for Rent

Meadow Creek PR60T Pig Roaster

Choose to rent a Meadow Creek’s PR60T Pig Roaster trailer and easily roast up to a 250 lb. (live weight) whole pig on-site without turning the meat or adding charcoal. Besides whole pigs, this pig cooker can handle anything you’d do low and slow in a regular smoker, including up to 35 pork butts or 45 whole chickens with the second tier grate. Runs on charcoal and wood.

Meadow Creek PR60T 60" Charcoal Pig Roaster Trailer

Meadow Creek BBQ42 Chicken Cooker/Grill

This Meadow Creek chicken cooker is one of our best sellers. Grill large amounts of perfect chicken without a sweat. Its flipping sandwich grate lets you turn 40 pounds of chicken with one stroke of your hand. Renting this grill is the perfect options if you need to smoke large amounts of chicken for a wedding, fundraiser, birthday party, and more.

Meadow Creek BBQ42 BBQ Pit

Meadow Creek BBQ26S Chicken Cooker/Grill

The BBQ26S features a double-sided rust-free stainless steel grate that makes it easy to turn the entire rack of meat with one hand. This grill does an excellent job of cooking chicken, wings, sausage links, and many other foods, giving them a delicious smoky flavor. The height adjustment brackets for the charcoal pan let you bring the heat closer to the grate for foods you want to cook with more intense heat, such as steaks, hamburgers, and hotdogs.

Meadow Creek BBQ26S Chicken Cooker

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If you have any questions related to BBQ or smoker and grill rentals we would love to hear from you and use our years of experience to help you toward the goal of consistently making delicious BBQ.

You can visit our store, email us from this contact form, or give us a call at 859-885-0708.

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