BBQ Dragon Extreme Heat Grill Gloves


No matter how manly your hands are, sometimes you’ve got to have gloves on—around the outdoor grill, your kitchen oven, or the fireplace. For those times, BBQ Dragon Extreme Heat Grill Gloves are the best. With heat resistance up to 932 Fahrenheit, you’ll be safe from cuts and burns.

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BBQ Dragon Extreme Heat Grill Gloves are made from cut and wear-resistant Aramid fiber, blended with a soft cotton interior for the ultimate combination of safety and comfort. Aramid fiber is the same kind of synthetic polymer that things like Kevlar body armor and the fire-proof jackets that firemen wear are made of. It’s really tough, it wears well, and it has amazing heat-resistance properties.


  • For grilling and cooking food
  • Cut and heat-resistant
  • Cotton and aramid fiber
  • Easy to clean
  • Ultimate outdoors accessories

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Weight 0.6375 lbs


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